Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monster Monkey Mash

I recently started a class at the School of Visual Arts for animation in their Continuing Ed program. Other than a few pencil tests (zoetrope, pendulum, perspective), this is my first foray into the animation world. Our assignment was to cut out stuff from magazines and then play around with them to get a sense of timing and movement. This filmlette was handmade with magazine cut outs, 992 frames, an hour's worth of time and a touch of awesome. It's rough and kind of dumb, but I like it anyway. After I finished filming, I slapped a couple songs on to give it some pizazz. The first song is "Lenin" by Arcade Fire and the second is "This City's Summer" by The Honorary Title. (In no way do I have rights to aforementioned songs)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Coney Island is so weird...

My favorite part of Coney Island is the artwork on a glass wall in the subway station. Creepy. Vibrant. Kind of demented. You don't even have to enter into the streets of this strange place to get a dose of awesome oddness.

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