Friday, January 22, 2010

Seattle Paintings #4: The big 'un

This is my monster. I don't recall the exact measurements of the canvas but I'm guessing it's 60"x48". This is the largest painting I have ever worked on. It's about 12xs the size of one of the twins. The female figure is based on the back of the Venus de Milo (an image that the commissioner mentioned as a favorite of his).

This painting was an exploration of various textures. Although it's difficult to tell in the pictures, the spotted areas of white on her back accentuate the crackle paste that I used. I wanted to contrast the smoothness of her lines and the nature curves of the female body with a rough surface covered with imperfections, cracks and deep fissures. I used a fan brush on the red/gold section to create a curious almost rake-like texture. It kind of looks like it was sponge painted. I watered down the acrylic paint and let it drip down the blue section. On the bottom third of the painting (water?), I used staccato arc-like movements to create a wavey texture. The white sections of the painting were done with white paint on a piece of cardboard that I carefully dragged around the canvas.

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