Saturday, September 19, 2009


On a daily basis, it is almost guaranteed that at least one item of clothing adorning my body is polka dotted. I don't understand my fascination with a pattern consisting of nothing but repeated circles, but I embrace it regardless. This blue hoodie was a little boring, so I embroiBIRD it. (sorry. lame.)

Each vintage tattoo inspired sparrow measures between 3-5 inches. The design of the birds is based on a stencil I saw quite some time ago and I don't remember where.

It turns out that this seemingly unassuming hoodie was a poor choice of an embroidery subject because: 1. The combination of the knitted fabric and thick screen-printed dots made any kind of marking on the fabric impossible. I had to freehand it entirely. 2. Trying to force a needle through those thick screen-printed dots resulted in some seriously sore fingers. In life and in craft, no pain, no gain, and since I'm pretty hardcore I conquered the dots and through that pain, gained a pair of sweet birdies.

Both Birdies

Birdie 1

Birdie 2

Birdie Hoodie!
(Although difficult to discern in the picture, birdie #2 is on the collar bone region and the other one is on the upper chest region, not mid-boob as it may appear.)

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