Saturday, August 22, 2009

War of the Roses, origami style

As a thoughtful and creative gesture for my castmates of a play I was in, I decided to whip up some cute cheap origami roses for closing weekend. My budget didn't allow for real flowers and considering my relatively high level of craft proficiency, I thought I'd bang 'em out in no time. Wrong. So painfully wrong.

Let me start by saying that I have no background in origami other than the ability to create a mediocre crane. I underwent roughly 4 hours of struggling to decipher numerous pictures, youtube videos, and written instructions, not to mention a hefty stack of origami paper before the first semblence of a rose emerged. I will admit to a tantrum or two. I mean, those stupid little colorful squares of paper mocked me in their unwillingness to to transform into a fabulously elegant 3D rose... My very own war of the roses. The floor surrounding my couch was littered with the crumpled remains of the roses that weren't strong enough to make it.

By the end of two days and many hours, I managed my first rose. Albeit it was the worst looking rose I've ever seen and resembled a crumpled ball of paper much more than a flower, I was ecstatic. Until I realized that I had to create a minimum of 19 more roses... Luckily I quickly got the hang of it and now I am happy to report that I am a rose master. My castmates were grateful.

In the afterglow of my rose mastery, a few weeks later I thought I'd give origami another try upon finding a few particularly intriguing books at the library. I quickly realized that origami is insanely frustrating and that I kind of hate it. I gave up in 15 minutes this time. Never again....

p.s. I created the melted record bowl that this crop of lovely roses is residing in.

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  1. lol they're beautiful. I'll stick to store bought roses though, they smell better ;)


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