Monday, August 24, 2009

Coloring Book Art. Collection #1.

I'm starting a movement. A Revolution. For those of you who scoff at calling coloring art, I beg to differ. Thesis: coloring books may be considered art if your contribution to the image is significant. Now, what does "significant" entail? I consider significant to mean that you have contributed a bare minimum equivalent of what the original artist created in terms of design. So, the original artist creates a dinosaur, and I create a skin pattern for the dinosaur that creates an entirely new dino! For instance, in the brachiosaurus picture below, the original artist would have had to draw every single stripe and line that I colored on those two dinos. I transformed his image. (And just you wait, even greater transformations are yet to come.) True, it is not entirely original art. I believe that coloring books provide an excellent basis for greater artistic exploration. Plus, they're just stinkin fun.

Now, feast your eyes on these babies.

Collection #1: Unaltered Pictures.
Required Materials: Crayola markers. Dover Thrift coloring book. Too much time on my hands. Brilliance.

Art Deco dinos:

Brachiosauri. I wish I had pants that look like these guys.
This guy was created on the subway from Manhattan to Coney Island.
p.s. Stay tuned. The best of my revolutionary dino coloring book art is yet to come...

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