Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Molokai, Hawaii

Kapuhi Beach

For those of you unaware, there exists a small island in the Pacific called Molokai. It’s in the chain of Hawaiian islands, but it is rare that a native Hawaiian has ever visited Molokai. The island is roughly 38 miles long and 10 miles wide at its widest point and is home to about 7000 people. It is known as the most Hawaiian island (the birthplace of hula) and is fondly referred to as “the friendly island”. I simply refer to it as Heaven.

Spanish goats frolicking on sea cliffs

In order to alleviate the winter blues, and with the generous help of my parents' frequent flyer miles, I escaped to Molokai for a week and a half in February. After an obscene amount of time on three different airplanes, I landed in the tiny airport (see map) and was greeted by my goofy, welcoming parents.

We had fabulous adventures climbing seaside rocks, basking in the sun, hiking, biking, and I had my first flying lesson. I flew a small Cessna from Hana, Maui, to Kaulapapa (the leper colony on the north side of Molokai) and back to the itty bitty main Molokai airport. I took off and landed twice and I'm proud to say that I didn't kill anyone. Success!

Such a bad idea.

Gorgeous Molokai sea cliffs (note my arm's reflection!)

This is the "airport" on the Kaulapapa Leper Colony. Only 2% of commercial pilots are able to land on the first pass. I am both pleased and slightly disconcerted to report that I am better at landing than 98% of commercial pilots.

Gerald Ford (small plastic dinosaur extraordinaire) basked in the sunset.

Not only did I have an incredible reinvigorating adventure, I discovered where my creativity comes from. I handed a bit of clay to my dad and a few minutes later he had created this little guy. When asked what he is called, my dad replied, "Um..... Fartblossom!" Is the man a genius, or is he a genius?

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